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Developed by Jeveka, this hex socket screw in stainless steel has a tensile strength of over 900 N/mm².

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Strength > 900 N/mm²

Jextar fastener

Jextar was born in response to the need for stronger stainless steel fasteners. We knew this was possible, and we knew we had to come up with an absolute champion.

After extensive research and testing we have succeeded in surpassing even our own expectations. The Jextar fasteners are stronger than regular A4-80 fasteners. In each test the tensile strength easily exceeded 900 N/mm².

This means more flexibility in your designs and manufacturing process. Jextar is a standard DIN compliance fastener. We will supply you with the measurements and other test reports upon request.

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Contact us to receive an authentic test report like the one below, including explanation if needed.

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Jextar stainless steel fasteners, talk about strength.


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